Date: 2020-04-30 23:18:01


In an interview this morning, a White House Economist says that an additional Stimulus might not be needed if states bounce back quickly – here are my thoughts. Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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“If they really do sort of get back to normal relatively quickly … then there might not necessarily be much need for another bill,” he said, saying the course of the economy will depend heavily on how effectively the nation halts the spread of the coronavirus.

Here’s the thing: Until the next round of Stimulus comes through, or until it’s HEAVILY debated within the Senate, it’s unclear if we’re going to get anything. As excited as we get about proposals, it’s too premature to see what actually happens with them and if this actually becomes a reality.

At this time, it SEEMS like there’s still a strong likelihood of something passing…but, given the comments from the White House today, we have no idea what’s going to be done, or if people are going to be receiving another round of checks. I would NOT be surprised if another $1200 was re-issued, among some other state and local government funding…but I also wouldn’t be surprised if they took a “Wait and see” approach over the next month, and then re-evaluate what’s happening with our economy.

Either way, it leaves all of us somewhat in the dark, without any clear guidance on what to expect, or what’s likely to come from all of this – other than to continue reading new updates that just leave us more confused the longer we read them.

Everything we do will have a consequence later on down the line, and at this point – the best we can do is pick the option that we feel will do the least amount of damage long term. Even though that’s for the house, senate, and White House to debate…it IS apparent that, most likely, something will need to happen – and, until then, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

But, I’m still remaining cautiously optimistic that there’s a good chance of there being SOMETHING happening over the next month or so…although, who knows if it’s going to be as good as getting $2000 per month, tax free.

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