A home doesn’t have to be on the ocean to draw inspiration from coastal design. As the most beloved style on Instagram, according to a new study from Angie’s List, aquatic decorative themes can adorn inland homes, too.

You still want to be cognizant of how the design fits into a home’s environment: For example, only beachfront homes should be decorated with anchors and seashells. Otherwise, it could confuse buyers. But taking a little inspiration from the colors and textures of coastal style could help enhance your staging. Whites and steely grays mixed with blues and greens may be a signature in coastal styles but are being incorporated into other homes as well. Unpainted or weathered wood—popular textures in coastal style—have been trending in interiors over the last few years.

Here are some of our favorite coastal-inspired designs from Instagram:

Colors of the Sea

An Aquatic Entrance

Swinging in the Breeze

Light & Airy

Natural Accents

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