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Here is my response to PewdiePpie and his video on Jubilee – Do All Millionaires Think The Same? – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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A few points he makes, and my thoughts:

“Statistically, most people don’t make it.”
This is something that, UNFORTUNATELY…is true. MOST people will not be successful. Most people will not become wealthy. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t try, and that you can’t do things that will stack the odds in your favor. It’s like rolling the dice ONCE and trying roll a 12…the chances of that happening are 1 in 36, which works out to be almost 3%…but, the more you roll the dice, the higher your chances become of rolling the 12.

“I think getting rich is a fluke, there’s so much luck in it.”
So, THIS is the point where I begin to disagree with his statement…because, the way I see it, becoming “Wealthy” – which, I’ll define as a net worth over $1 million dollars, for sake of this argument…has very little to do with luck, and much more to do with persistence, delayed gratification, consistency, and time. Now, I don’t want to dismiss that there IS some factor of “luck” that exists, beyond our control, although building wealth is – largely – driven by so many other factors, and according to one of the largest studies on Millionaires, 80% of them are first generation rich, and the majority of millionaires have one single thing in common: they live below their means.

There ARE actionable, measurable steps that ANYONE can take if they want to become wealthy:

Improve your credit score, save your money, live below your means, open up a retirement account, invest consistently, continue learning, improve your skills, and don’t give in to lifestyle inflation. If you just follow THAT – I PROMISE you’ll be SOOO much wealthier than the average Joe on the street. .

So, those are my thoughts on PewDiePie’s video, and overall, I enjoyed his reaction and am super happy to be a (small) part of the video!

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