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Today we’re going to be discussing the best bank accounts of 2020 – that pay you the highest interest rates possible – and you can see which is right for you. Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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FIRST: Capital One 360 Savings Account
1% interest Rate – No Fees – No Minimums.
The good news with Capital One is that they also have a totally free CHECKING ACCOUNT, as well…which, is slightly different from some of the other banks I’m going to mention here, which only offer a SAVING account. That pays you 0.1% interest.

SECOND: American Express Savings
1% Interest Rate – No Fees – No Minimums
However, with American Express – even though you’re getting a 1% interest rate, this account is JUST MEANT TO BE A SAVINGS ACCOUNT and that’s it. Unfortunately, they do not offer a checking account – so, you’re not getting any debit card, and you’re not getting a checkbook…it’s only a linked account online that you can transfer money into, earn that 1% interest – and then whenever you actually need access to the money, you can transfer it out and to another bank of your choice.

THIRD: Ally Bank
1% Interest – No Fees – No Minimums
Ally Bank is a full on bank – and they have checking accounts. Those checking accounts also pay interest..If you keep less than $15,000 in the account, they’ll pay you 0.1%, which is the same as the Capital One 360 account – EXCEPT, once your balance exceeds $15,000 – they’ll raise your interest rate to .5%.

Ally Bank is also a lender, so you can get a loan through them if you decide to do that. And they’re also an investment platform with $0 stock trades. So, in a way – you can get everything money-related done in one spot, from your checking account, stock trading account, and loan account.

FOURTH: Vio Bank
1.04% Interest – No Fees – $100 Minimum to sign up
HOWEVER…the downside is that, like American Express – this is ONLY an online savings account, which means no debit card, no checks, and if you want to get your money in or out – you have to setup a bank to bank transfer which will likely take a few days to complete.

FIFTH: Redneck Bank
1.1% Interest on first $10,000 – No Fees – $500 Minimum to sign up
They also have – instead of a savings account – a money market account, that pays up to 0.85% on balances up to $50,000.

SIXTH: Varo Bank
1.21% Interest – No Fees – $500 Minimum to sign up
They’ll also LET YOU potentially earn up to 2.8% interest, up to a $10,000 balance….if you meet the minimum criteria. To do that within their savings account, you must make at least 5 debit card purchases in a month – which, most people do super easily just by buying $5 amazon gift cards, FYI. You must also have at least $1,000 worth of direct deposits going into the account. And the account CANNOT EXCEED $10,000. So, OVERAL…this is still a GREAT option, and the 1.21 to 2.8% interest rate makes a LOT of cents for anyone with less than $10,000 and doesn’t mind jumping through a few small hoops to get the higher interest rate.

LAST: T-Mobile 4% Savings Account
First, the 4% interest rate is ONLY available to T-Mobile customers…so, if you’re not with T-Mobile, this rate won’t apply to you. Second, the interest rate is ONLY available for the first $3000 in the account – after that, you’ll earn 1% interest. Which is still REALLY, REALLY good…but it’s far from the 4%. Third, you’ll also need $200 per month in direct deposits into the account to be eligible.

If you can meet all 3 requirements, then YES – 4% is an AMAZING rate to get, even if it’s only up to the first $3000 – and for T-Mobile Customers, as long as you don’t mind opening up an account – this is a good one to get.

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