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Due to popular demand, here is the explanation of the 2020 oil crisis, negative prices, and how you can invest to make money – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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Here’s the issue right now: With our economy shut down, we’re not using as much oil anymore. But even though demand has slowed down, production of oil has continued on as usual, even though we aren’t using as much of it. That’s created a SURPLUS of oil that needs to go somewhere…but now there’s not enough space to store it.

When you hear about ‘negative oil prices,’ it’s referring to what’s known as Oil Futures…or, more specifically, the Oil Futures of one supplier in Particular, West Texas Crude.

In this case, people bought oil FUTURES at a higher price, not expecting things to get so bad…and, as the price of oil fell, it became apparent that those future prices became less and less valuable. So much so, that, because they literally ran out of space to hold all of this oil…it’s cheaper for the people who bought oil futures to PAY YOU TO TAKE IT OFF THEIR HANDS, than it is for them to figure out some place to store it.

As for whether or not this is going to save you money when you go fill up your gas tank…the answer is yes, and no. YES, lower oil prices will mean that you pay less to fill up your car. BUT, the price of gas you pay is made up of several other costs that need to be factored in…like, distribution, refining, taxes, and then the cost of oil itself. So, all in all…you’ll still pay for gas to fill up your car, it won’t be free, and you won’t get PAID.

Now, for what this means to you and I…well, if this keeps up, some US oil and gas based businesses could go under. Eventually, some companies can’t just run at a deficit forever and will have to close…although it’s unclear where the tipping point will be. Although, if you want to make MONEY from this…well, most likely, you’ll be investing in or shorting oil or gas companies…and when it comes to that, I’ll be honest…I have no idea what’s going to happen, I’m not investing in ANY of this myself…and I’m more curious about the broad implications for the entire economy, than I am about making a quick profit on this.

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