See How A Serene Palette & Soaker Tub Create A Spa-Like Principal Bathroom

“Who doesn’t love relaxing in a big tub after a long day?” says Toronto designer Shauna Walton, who was enlisted to give this 110-square-foot principal bedroom a much-needed facelift. The young homeowners, who had just bought their forever home, wanted to update the dark space with fresh, minimalist finishes.

This spa-like space features a host of self-care amenities including a generous 94-inch-wide vanity complete with custom dividers for one client’s blow-dryer and curling iron, and a gorgeous freestanding tub. A delicate seeded eucalyptus sprig adds to the zen vibe. “We went with neutrals and natural materials to keep it calming and coordinate with the rest of the house,” says Shauna of the serene palette. “Less is more when creating timeless, restful spaces.”

She removed a huge built-in Jacuzzi tub, making room for a larger stand-alone shower, then added a stunning feature wall behind the new tub with herringbone-patterned marble tile and a ledge for art and bubble bath.

How They Did It

  • Neutral palette with hits of nickel, brass and black
  • Dramatically veined Statuario marble floor tile
  • Graphic abstract art
  • Herringbone-pattern Dolomite tile and niche in shower
  • Simple striped towels

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Take A Peek Inside This Hotel-Inspired Bathroom With Daring Design

Designers Cindy Bleeks and Erin Feasby gave this once-dated principal bathroom the hotel-style treatment their clients were craving. “It’s the perfect combination of luxurious, timeless, urban and cool,” says Erin. Not only did the designers bring in a statement shower with a wall framed in black steel, but they also shifted the doorway to make the 96-square-foot space more usable, added a built-in armoire for towel storage and sourced a furniture-inspired vanity to complement the adjoining bedroom. “The bathroom feels like an extension of the bedroom when the doors are open,” says Erin.

A Crema Delicato marble counter coordinates with white marble floor and shower tile, while a single sink and wall-mounted faucet maximize space on the counter. The end result has a cozy, curated feel, and the clients agree. “They said, ‘Everyone wants their bathroom to feel like a hotel, but I’ve yet to find a hotel bathroom as gorgeous as ours!’” reports Erin.

How They Did It

  • Graphic color palette enlivened with a colorful rug
  • Dramatic black-framed shower wall
  • Furniture-inspired vanity
  • Luxe, coordinating marble counter and floor tile
  • Additional built-in storage unit for towels

Author: Harleen Sidhu


Mark Burstyn


House & Home June 2020


Cindy Bleeks & Erin Feasby, Feasby & Bleeks Design

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3 Crucial Things You Must Know About Drake’s Eye-Watering New Digs

Superstar Drake has topped himself. One of the world’s best-selling artists, the 33-year-old rapper now has an over-the-top mansion to match. The OVO chief’s mega manor just landed the coveted cover feature in Architectural Digest.

The structural wonder is nicknamed “The Embassy,” and it’s located in the upscale Bridle Path area of Toronto. In the making for years, it’s equipped with quite a few jaw-dropping amenities.

Part club, part resort, part rapper’s delight, news of the 50,000-square-foot, super-luxe spread made waves on the web.

“Insane. Amazing. Congrats man,” said “Million Dollar Listing” star Ryan Serhant.

But of course, not everyone was a fan. The opulent, oversized abode brought out the haters on Twitter.

Comparisons were drawn to the over-the-top excess often more typical of Vegas than Canada.

“Does he live in a casino,” posted @simoncurtis. Another user picked up on the almost corporate vibe of the photos: “Drake live in a hotel lobby lmao,” @AsteadWesley noted.

Others drew cinematic parallels: “Did he model his home after the spaceship from ‘Passengers’?,” asked @Prasejeebus.

One person found the place too spacious.

“Drake’s mansion is perfect for physically distancing … you could go days without seeing another person in this place!” posted @Chum1045.

Our favorite comment hit a humorous note, as it poked some fun at the home’s velvet-rope-and-bottle-service vibes…


While we don’t know if there’s a two-bottle minimum to get in the door, we did learn three key items about Drake’s new digs.

1. It’s designed with timelessness in mind

“Because I was building it in my hometown, I wanted the structure to stand firm for 100 years. I wanted it to have a monumental scale and feel,” Drake told AD.

“It will be one of the things I leave behind, so it had to be timeless and strong,” he added.

Designed by architect and interior designer Ferris Rafauli, the space is constructed of classic (and pricey) materials, such as bronze, marble, limestone, and “exotic woods.” But Rafauli was careful not to veer into gaudy territory and opted for high-end finishes.

“This isn’t stucco, paint, and fake gold,” Rafauli told AD. “That’s not what Drake wanted, and that’s not what I do.”

However, the maximalist interiors are opulent and extravagant.

The architect posted a photo of himself and the homeowner in his new construction, adding, “It’s not often you meet someone that shares the same passion. This one was a win before we got started.”


2. Amenities are off the hook

When news first broke that the recording artist planned to build a custom home in his native Toronto, the plans called for a 21,000-square-foot mansion.

That now seems almost quaint. The finished product is over twice that size, and features a NBA regulation-size indoor basketball court with a 21-square-foot pyramidal skylight, a massive great room with 44-feet-high ceilings with bespoke piano, and a chandelier composed of 20,000 pieces of hand-cut Swarovski crystal.

Inside the lavish living quarters, chandeliers hang over the marble staircases. There’s also a recording studio, an awards room to showcase the rapper’s awards, a hall of sports jerseys, and an indoor pool.


3. The uber-luxe bedroom is as big as some homes

Measuring in at 3,200 square feet, the master bedroom is a retreat large enough to house an average-sized family. According to AD, it’s Drake’s favorite part of the property. He invested quite a few stacks in the suite’s development.

The bed and bed base weigh around one ton and “cost more than many people’s entire homes,” the article notes. 

The headboard features a whiskey and champagne bar on the reverse side. Side tables feature mother-of-pearl inlay. The bath is a tub formed from a 4,000-pound block of black marble. The closet is a two-story temple of fashion.

“The bedroom is where I come to decompress from the world at the end of the night, and where I open my eyes to seize the day,” Drake says. 

The timing of the home’s splashy debut during global shelter-in-place orders did ruffle a few feathers.

“Fifty thousand square feet is rather a lot of space to lock down in,” HuffPo noted.

And Drizzy’s new “Toosie Slide” video is part house tour and part dance video for the pandemic age. Nice quarantine digs if you can afford them.

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House & Home

There’s something about the start of a new year that makes us want to indulge guilt-free in rest and relaxation. That’s exactly what Cynthia Loyst — writer, producer and co-host of The Social — wanted to achieve with her debut book, Find Your Pleasure: The Art Of Living A More Joyful Life — a guide to satisfying your wants and needs in all aspects of live, including the home. We sat down with the TV personality to break down easy ways to turn your space into a personal respite for 2020.

cynthia loyst find your pleasure reading on a chair

Tip #1: Carve Out Your Own Self-Care Space

“I think everyone needs a place that they can retreat to when necessary,” says Cynthia. “There should be a small room (or area of a room… could be your writing desk or a cozy chair you can curl up in) that is filled with stuff that grounds you, like candles, sentimental artifacts or photos — anything that brings you deep pleasure.”

cynthia loyst find your pleasure folding napkins

Tip #2: Get Lost In The Kitchen

“For me cooking is not only a deep pleasure, it’s also a form of ritual and meditation,” she says. “When my son and I cook together, it’s near impossible not to be in the present moment (or else there’s a good chance something will get ruined). It’s also an act of self-care through which all of our senses are engaged. I especially look forward to Sundays when I can put on some music, pour a glass of wine and create something really special. My go-to when I want to feel cozy is a big pot of stew — it takes me back to the winters of my childhood.”

Tip #3: The More Plants, The Better

“We have a ficus tree right in the middle of our living room and it brings me so much joy,” she says. “We also have a number of orchids that are in various stages of bloom. I’m even charmed by their dormant stage — it’s an exercise in patience, like waiting for a gift to arrive. But my current obsession right now are succulents. I love the way that word sounds and the way that they look — juicy and vibrantly verdant. Plus, they are very forgiving.”

cynthia loyst find your pleasure vintage bottles

Tip #4: Fill Your Home With Personal Treasures

“Throughout my twenties, I worked at a vintage store,” says Cynthia. “I especially loved the monthly visits to the warehouse when we searched through piles of items to unearth some gems to bring back to the store. Through that job, I realized that personal style (whether through fashion or decor) is storytelling.”

Tip #5: Create A Bedtime Ritual

“I always need to shower or bathe before getting into bed,” she says. “I also need a good book (or several) within arms reach. Right before falling asleep, I spray my pillow with my lavender spray before placing a silk face mask over my eyes (we don’t have black out curtains and I need complete darkness to sleep!).”

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