Your Money And Coronavirus: A Financial Protection Guide

As layoffs spread and businesses shut down, many Americans face sudden and severe financial challenges. While the pain is widespread, so too are the relief efforts. This Forbes guide aims to cut through the confusion and help you protect your finances in these uncertain times. Check back frequently. We’ll update this page with the latest information and advice on everything from stimulus checks to tax, student loan, mortgage and small business relief, to the smartest ways to spend now, protect your retirement and to help others.

Income Replacement

Unemployment Insurance: What You Need To Know

What The 2020 Stimulus Check Might Look Like—And What To Do With It

Do You Qualify For Paid Sick Leave Under The Families First Act?


Updated List Of State And Federal Tax Office Closings, Extensions And Relief

The Delayed Federal Tax Filing And Payment Deadline

With Stock Market Crashing, A Primer On Taxation Of Gains And Losses

Proposed Stimulus Check Is Actually A Tax Credit Advance


Mortgage Payment Relief Tracker

Student Loans

With New Relief For Federal Student Loans, Don’t Rush To Refinance

What You Need To Know Before Opting For Student Loan Forbearance

How To Stop Or Lower Student Loan Payments


How To Get Cash And Bank Services As Branches Close

What Banks Are Doing For Customers In Need

Credit Cards & Spending

A Budget-Friendly Guide To Streaming Services While You’re Stuck At Home

The Best Credit Cards For Food Delivery Services

What To Do If You Have A Negative Balance On Your Credit Card

Credit Cards That May Come In Handy If You’re Quarantined While Traveling

How To Earn Rewards Now That You Can Use Once Travel Is Back

March Apple Card Payments And Interest Waived For Those Affected By Crisis


You May Have Longer To Make That Insurance Payment 

Consumers Are Panic Shopping For Life Insurance

What May And May Not Bungle Your Life Insurance Application Right Now


What You Should—And Should Not—Do With Your Retirement Accounts

It’s Time To Have An Updated Living Will, Health Proxy And HIPAA Release

With Coronavirus Shutting Social Security Offices, Here’s How To Get Help

Boomers’ Retirements Will Be Permanently Altered. Here’s How

Small Business

Updated List Of Small Business Relief Programs

Helping Others

Where, What & How To Donate (And Deduct)

Lending To Family? Avoid These Tax Landmines

How To Make Masks For Healthcare Workers


Flight Cancelled? Don’t Rush To Rebook Or Accept A Voucher

Master List Of All Major International Airline Change And Cancellation Policies 

How Online Travel Agencies Like Airbnb And Travelocity Are Handling Bookings

Answers to Travel Insurance Questions

Master List: How Airline And Hotel Loyalty Programs Are Responding

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