Dad Builds a Backyard Coffee Shop That’ll Make You Want To Build Your Own

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Backyard pubs have been popping up left and right, but not everyone is into drinking alcohol. Some people prefer their coffee…

One man’s love for java compelled him to build a coffee shop right in his own backyard. His proud daughter, Julianna, shared his amazing project on social media. The charming coffeehouse has been garnering rave reviews and it’s no wonder why. You can practically smell the coffee brewing through cyberspace. Makes you want to order up a latte and relax.

Take a look!

It’s hard to believe when you see it like this, but this project was completed in just three months—fueled by caffeine no doubt!

It probably helps that the guy who’s now the head barista of this coffee house is also a contractor. Something tells us Ed the Builder, as he refers to himself on Instagram, is about to be in high demand!

That window is going to allow for plenty of natural light and possibly even walk-up customers.

Welcome to La Vida Cafe. Love the built-in mini-fridge and the chalkboard announcing the daily specials.

Whether you want to watch the morning news, or grab a magazine off the rack and read, this coffee shop has it all.

Indoor and outdoor seating makes this an all-weather hang-out.

Imagine stopping in for a little after-dinner espresso or cappuccino at dusk under these lights? We’ll drink to that!

Plenty of dads are known to putter around the backyard tackling interesting projects, but few take it to this extreme.

Even if you’ve downloaded your favorite java joint’s app and choose curbside pickup, you still can’t beat the convenience of a coffee shop waiting just outside your door.

Want to see more on how this cool and flavor-packed project came to life? Check out Juliana’s video and get inspired.

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10 Things Real Estate Agents Do When No One is Looking

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Real estate is a public profession, so most people have some understanding of what agents do on a day to day basis. Client meetings, market research, listing homes, making offers, and helping people navigate the biggest transaction of their lives are all things real estate agents do in front of the public.

But there’s another side to life in real estate—the side most people don’t see. After the showings and the photoshoots, real estate agents get to be alone, and it’s during this alone time that they get to do all the things they need to without anyone watching. Here are ten things real estate agents do when no one is looking:

1. Sneak in a weekend activity on a weekday (when possible)

The beach, the deck, or maybe even a late afternoon cocktail.

2. Search for their own dream home (for once)

It’s okay to be a little selfish sometimes, right?

3. Try to come up with creative new slogans for their real estate signs

“If you list with Jane, your life will never be the same.” How does that sound?

4. Snoop around on their competitors’ websites and social media profiles

It’s okay, everyone does it.

5. Ice their wrist after filling out hundreds of handwritten notes

Staying in touch can be painful.

6. Look for bulk discounts on coffee (and wine)

If you order 1,000 pounds, you can save hundreds…

7. Attempt to meditate but immediately get interrupted by phone calls

Namaste… namaste… nevermind!

8. Go through the car wash very, very often

Can’t show up to listing appointments looking like you just went mudding.

9. Try to remember what life was like before they went into real estate…

A nine-to-five? What the heck is that!?

10. …but know they’d never go back!

Because no matter how much more time and work it is, it’s way more rewarding.

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