“Gabi Hutchison is a collage artist from Augusta, Georgia. She is heavily influenced by texture and proportion. Her work is the result of an intuitive process in which she focuses on soft, organic, fluid shapes as well as texture, pattern, color and all the ways they interact.”

The above is from Gabi’s artist statement, but it also aptly describes her sensibility when it comes to designing her home, a sweet, modest 1936 bungalow that is a pastiche of artwork (including her own beautiful collages), hand-made ceramics, vintage finds, and artisan-crafted pieces. Every detail seems to have a human touch.

Gabi shares the home with her husband, David, as well as two dogs and two cats; the upstairs apartment is occupied by David’s father. “It’s a good setup for us. He can easily come downstairs for dinners on occasion, and when he was injured recently, it was good to be close by to care for him,” she says.

Her father-in-law is, conveniently, a retired architect. “He and I got to work closely on the designs of the house, which was a delight! We have similar tastes when it comes to finishes and fixtures,” she shares. “I helped him decorate his apartment as well, and it’s something I’ll always treasure.”

“We want our home to not only be a place of beauty (though that doesn’t hurt), but also a place that serves our needs and the needs of others, whether family, friend, or stranger,” Gabi continues. “We hope we have designed our home to make people feel good while they are here.”

Let’s take a tour of Gabi and David’s deeply soulful and, yes, feel-good bungalow.

Photography by Gabi Hutchison. (You can follow her via her blog are on Instagram.)

Above: Gabi’s eclectic sensibility is apparent as soon as you enter the front door. The pendant light is from Schoolhouse; the doormat is by Alyson Fox for Hawkins NY; the console is from an antique store; and the Iris Hantverk hooks are from EA/ST Co.
Hanging above the bookcase by Modern Shelving is a Valton Murray painting. &#8
Above: Hanging above the bookcase by Modern Shelving is a Valton Murray painting. “It took us a very long time to pay it off and it was worth the wait,” Gabi shared on Instagram. “We feel so, so grateful to have Valton Murray’s vibrant and evocative work in our home.” The couch is from Ikea.

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