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If you’re a loyal “House Party” listener, you know there are few things we enjoy more than ogling the latest luxurious and outrageous homes that pop up on the market. So imagine our excitement when we got to actually go inside one—and compile a report for you straight from the scene.

That’s what happened when Rachel toured the 2020 New American Home last week during the seventh annual Design and Construction Week in Las Vegas. The 7,638-square-foot home in Henderson, NV, was built to showcase the latest innovations in design, efficiency, and technology—plus every luxury amenity you could imagine. Impressive? Sure. But we have some (possibly) controversial takes on a few of the design choices inside—and outside—this place.

Other topics we cover:

  • A review of several new home products presented at the show in Las Vegas (Warning: You might be tempted to crack open an adult beverage while listening.)
  • The Baltimore foreclosure that is easily the most bizarre listing we’ve seen in 2020 thus far
  • The home remodeling projects that pay off the most—and the one that really, really doesn’t
  • And, of course, our celebrity real estate winner and loser (Our loser had to shred the price on his gorgeous Malibu, CA, home, while our winner scored a breathtaking retreat that just might make him feel like the last man on Earth.)

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